Putting a new spin on an old concept Kashy stands to change the current mechanic industry for better. Our streamlined process improves the experience for our customers as our hand-selected mobile mechanics come to you, and our upfront pricing means you know the final cost before we start.

A big part of Kashy’s ethos is better communication for our mechanics and customers, with our customers being able to spend their time expressing their concerns and needs directly to their mechanic. Our mechanics don't work off second-hand information which means you are never unsure whether the mechanic received the information about your car.

Working with QUT (Queensland University of Technology), Kashy is trying to fix issues in the auto industry by listening to vehicle owners needs and by looking after our customers and mechanics better than anyone else.

Kashy takes enquiries online and we aim to send you a full breakdown of your quote within 24 hours and usually within 2 hours on business days. In the meantime, request your next service through our website and we'll happily help you towards finding an honest mechanic!


Kashy was founded in July 2018 by Lachlan Palmer, as a fresh take on an old concept where apprentices and mechanics would take on extra work for family and friends as a way to make ends meet. So called 'cash jobs', or 'cashies'.

After leaving school, Lachlan followed his love for cars into a job as an apprentice mechanic earning a mere $300 per week. With very few of his family and friends owning a car he didn’t have the same access to extra jobs as his fellow mechanics. This was when the first idea of Kashy came to fruition.

After working in the industry for 4.5 years and becoming a fully qualified mechanic Lachlan became frustrated by the way the current system works. Seeing major and minor companies in the auto industry to be a rip off for both the customers and mechanics alike  – with vehicle owners paying exorbitant prices for services, while the mechanics were paid as little as a tenth of what the dealers were charging per hour.

Since then he has put his effort into building Kashy, a business that shines a light on the current issues in the auto industry and solves them by creating an ethical and fair trade for all.