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Logbook Servicing Pt:1

What is Logbook Servicing:

Logbook servicing is one of the most commonly known types of maintenance when it comes to your car. Whether it’s every 10,000km, 15,000km, it’s one of the best things you can do to keep your car running right.

In short, logbook servicing is a schedule that the cars manufacturer designs to replace different parts to help prolong the life of your vehicle. That might seem like a mouth-full, but it is essentially what the manufacturer thinks you should do to keep your car running smoothly.

This service schedule, or logbook, might contain different items throughout. For example, a minor service may be as simple as replacing the engine oil and filter, or even just inspecting the car (looking it over for any faults). Whereas, a major service might mean replacing all the fluids and filters through the car.

Across many brands, there are many different service schedules and it is incredibly uncommon to find two schedules which are alike, with vehicles such as Tesla (theoretically) never needing logbook servicing and others, such as Isuzu, needing regular maintenance every 10,000km.

Though there may seem like a large gap between how often you have to service these cars, they may actually be similarly reliable. This is because, due to the Tesla being electric, it does not require the same type of maintenance. Whereas the Isuzu products have a very in-depth service schedule to ensure issues are far less common.

Logbook servicing is also a large part of maintaining a vehicle warranty. This is because many manufacturers regard it as the minimum level of servicing needed to run your car for its expected lifespan. For this reason, if there is a major issue with the vehicle, the manufacturer will almost always look at the service history of the car.

With that said, you don't actually have to take your car to the dealership for logbook servicing. Though our Kashy mechanics will write more about this soon.


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