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Queen Elizabeth II: Unexpected Car Lover

Princess Elizabeth II stands in front of a red cross ambulance wearing service overalls.

Queen Elizabeth II. Looking back on the former queen's life, she did many great (and arguably many horrible) things. Being a teenager throughout WW2 and going on to control vast colonies of people (often mistreated) and contributing to the theft of thousands of cultural relics.

She was the longest serving British monarch in history (likely because of the history of fratricide, parricide, suspicious inbreeding and failed conquest) but more than that, she was the most unexpected car enthusiast of her time.

Queen Elizabeth II was a true car enthusiast. She loved driving almost as much as she loved drinking (which was a lot). She loved cars, she loved talking about cars and she was even known to get her hands dirty working on her own cars.

Princess Elizabeth II changes tyre on army vehicle while being supervised. Another pair of woman work on an ambulance in the rear of frame.

Queen Elizabeth II's love of cars began during her time in the Auxiliary Territorial Service (an early women's branch of the armed forces), where she learned to drive and repair vehicles. She was a quick learner and after a 6 week course became a mechanic and driver.

Elizabeth's love of cars was well-known. She owned a number of luxury vehicles, including a Bentley Mark VI, a Jaguar XK140, and a Rolls-Royce Phantom V. She also owned a more modest Land Rover Defender 110, which she used for personal driving.

Later in life she was often seen behind the wheel of her Land Rover Defender 110, cruising through the countryside with corgis in tow.

Princess Elizabeth II sitting in the drivers seat of a army vehicle during WWII.

Elizabeth's love of cars was not just a hobby; it was a passion. She may have been a queen but she was also down-to-earth and comfortable getting her hands dirty.

Elizabeth's love of cars was evident in her public appearances. She was often photographed driving or being driven in luxury vehicles. She was also a patron of the British automotive industry and her support helped to promote British-made cars around the world.

Elizabeth's love of cars was a reminder that she was a woman of many talents and (through her service) she helped pave the way for female mechanics. She was not just a Queen; she was also a car enthusiast.


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