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Why Should I Look After My Old Car?

It’s a little-known fact that the average car in Australia is almost 10 years old, which is far older than you might expect.

This causes interesting questions that often centres around maintaining or repairing your car when the time cars, especially given the relative value of the car and the high chance that multiple things will wear out as a car gets older.

Where does that argument stand with most mechanics though?

For many of us (mechanics), our first concern is with your safety. For example, many of us will prioritise suspension repairs over a minor oil leak as that is the biggest safety concern for you.

This also tends to be why you might hear a mechanic suggest you get new tyres or brakes before fixing something less imminent.

As a car gets older, it can be more prone to issues as the various components wear out. This is where the decision to maintain or repair a car becomes more difficult. Your cars value will drop over time, and the price of repairs can be significant when compared to the total value of the car.

Commonly in this case, many mechanics will prioritise what is most important to have repaired and make a list of items to continue to monitor over time.

Though it is always your choice to have these repairs done, in our experience, it is always better to have a $300-$500 repair as your car needs it then to allow multiple issues to compound.

The reality is that older cars are just like older people, they may occasionally need a few repairs and they might need to be looked after more regularly, but overall, they tend to be just as reliable as a new car if they’re looked after.

And remember, it is always OK to get a second opinion from a mechanic to make sure you and your car are being looked after.

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