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Are LED Lightbars/Driving Lights A Good Investment

You’ve probably seen a tonne of 4x4’s and utes with huge light bars and racks of spotlights recently. LED driving lights or LED lightbars the occupy half the front of the ute and sometimes the roof too.

So, what is the point of these LED lights and is it worth getting some for your car?

Well, many 4x4 enthusiasts like to take their rig far off the beaten track. With the lack of infrastructure (such as street-lamps) and more obstacles and wildlife, the drivers want to see as much as possible of the road or trail ahead while occasionally burning the eye's of innocent oncoming drivers.

Visibility is especially important in Australia as well with the large areas of uninhabited land, dirt roads and the high prevalence of wildlife such as kangaroos and cattle. These lights make driving in remote areas that much safer and can help prevent strain on eyes when driving later in the night.

It is actually for these reasons that you see many trucks with large arrays of lights.

We would say it’s actually a really easy debate to see if you would benefit from having an LED lightbar or LED driving lights and can be answered in 3 questions.

1. Do you drive a lot at night?

2. Do you regularly use your high beams?

3. Are your factory high beams underwhelming?

If you answer yes to all 3 questions, an LED lightbar or a set of LED driving lights is probably a reasonable investment.

Check in on our next blog post when we talk about the difference between LED lightbars and LED driving lights and what might be better for your use case.


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