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Christmas Gift Ideas for Mechanics

If one of the special people in your lives is a mechanic, you might understand just how painful it can be to get the right Christmas gift for them.

It’s always a safe bet to get tools but, getting a mechanic the wrong tools is akin to murder for some and it’s a little strange to just gift a case of beer (the national drink of mechanics). So here are some of our favourite picks for gifts this holiday season.

1. A Snap-On Screwdriver (Snap On 500204) – These little Snap-On screwdrivers are the best way to show that special mechanic how much you care about them without breaking the bank. These little screwdrivers are an absolute lifesaver and are usually kept in the shirt pocket with the other most useful tool (a pen). While it might be a little painful contacting the Snap-On dealer, getting one of these screwdrivers will not only show that you care but also that you appreciate their job. Even better when you consider that they’re only $20 and go missing on the regular (i.e. always needed).

2. A Mini Battery Tester (Mechpro MPBDBAT) – A surprisingly useful bit of kit for almost every mechanic is one of these super-cheap little battery testers. While most workshops will have a full size tester as a shop tool, they’re often hidden away in a cabinet or on someone else’s toolbox. All this time spent searching for the shop tester is super annoying and, even though these little testers aren’t perfect, they make a big difference when you need them. Around the $100 mark from Repco means they’re in a decent price range for Christmas without breaking the bank.

3. Extractors and Left Hand Bits (Snap On EXDL10) – There’s nothing more painful than needing to use a set of extractors to get out a broken bolt.

These are a little more expensive again but, on a mechanics worst day at work, they’ll have the tool to get them out of trouble (courtesy of you). The last set we bought were around $150 all said and done and they make a big difference.

4. Snap On Long/Extra Long 3/8th Ratchet (Snap On FLLF80/FLF80 Prefer FLLF) – Though it might seem like a bit of a Snap-On party at this point in our blog, if your mechanic hasn’t bought themselves one of these ratchets yet, there’s a fair chance they’ve thought about it.

Buying hand tools is a little risky as everyone has their favourite brand but, for every-day wrenching, this ratchet is (almost) impossible to beat. While it’s pretty pricey (around $300), this will be used every single day for at least the next 15 years, if not life, and will more than pay for itself in the first year.

5. Milwaukee Power Tools – It’s a little dicey buying power tools for mechanics (this is the item we debated about the most) like all trades as, once you have one brand of battery, you tend to buy matching tools. However, over the last couple of years, Milwaukee tools have begun to dominate the auto industry for battery/power. We use their M12 stubby impact, 13mm hammer drill, hex driver tool and under-bonnet light almost everyday in rain, dirt and mud with no complaints. If you want to really impress a mechanic, the under-bonnet light and the right angle ½in impact have make a stunning difference in making workday easier.

Tools are always a little risky for gifting to mechanics however, with something in every price range, these tools will almost certainly steal the show this silly season.


If you have any questions about this blog post, would like a second opinion from a mechanic or would like to find an honest mechanic in Brisbane, check out Kashy here.

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