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Is a LED Lightbar Or LED Driving Lights Best For Me?

This is a debate that rages on in the mind of our mechanics and 4x4 enthusiasts constantly and is a valid debate.

The problem with LED light bars and LED driving lights is that they (normally) emit 2 completely different types of light. Most often, a LED lightbar will throw a wide-angle beam that doesn’t travel very far, whereas a set of LED driving light will throw a very narrow beam that allows you to see far up the road but little on either side.

This would usually come back to an argument of what you’re using the car for but, this is a difficult argument to have. In fact, this is such a problem that LED lighting companies such as Kings and Stedi are now releasing LED lightbars that are a combination setup (but more on that soon).

For example, one driver might spend the majority of their time on remote highways. A situation that holey suits LED driving lights due to the ability to see vast distances ahead and plan for danger.

Another example is a driver that only drives in the city and on narrow semi-rural roads. This person would definitely benefit from a LED lightbar that provides light to the side of the roads where wildlife might be.

This becomes a problem when a driver experiences different types of driving that would be suitable to each setup individually and this is where it’s common to see both a LED lightbar and LED driving lights fitted.

However, this is not a good fit for people with small cars or poor opportunities to fit light bars and has led to the introduction of LED lightbars with driving light functionality embedded. However, these seem to be an unfortunate compromise that is unable to satisfy either requirement well.

Make sure to check in again when our Kashy mechanic’s talk about the different ways to fit driving lights to your car.

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