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What to Look for in a Good Mechanic.

It is really easy for us to say that many people do not enjoy visiting the mechanic. Over time in the industry, we’ve found that with the lost time, the inconvenience and the cost of visiting a workshop or having a mobile mechanic come to you, it can (at times) be difficult to find a mechanic to put your trust in.

After talking to many of our Kashy mechanics as well as our customers, we thought the best thing we could do for anyone who has a car is to give you some tips and tricks to find an honest mechanic.

1. Trust your gut feeling – If you’re not sure about a new mechanic, trust your gut feeling. For most jobs on your vehicle, it is impossible to see what the mechanic has actually done. If you aren’t comfortable with what a mechanic says to you, there may be a reason.

2. Get a second opinion – If you visit a doctor, you’d happily get a second opinion on your health. If you’re worried that a quote from a mechanic may be overzealous, it can often be worth asking a second mechanic or even having your car diagnosed by another mechanic. If you trust your mechanic this step isn’t always necessary, though if the job is extremely expensive, it’s often worth at least calling to hear another opinion.

3. Listen – Listening to your mechanic can be a great way to verify their trustworthiness. If a mechanic is willing to tell you the things you don’t need immediately, it is usually a good sign that they are interested in looking after you. Additionally, if a mechanic spends time explaining why you do need something, it’s a good sign that they care about you as a customer.

4. Look for the upsells – If you’re visiting a mechanic and are repetitively being quoted to replace the same things, they may in-fact be upsells. Upsells are a money-making initiative many workshops use to incentivise mechanics to sell more and pad the profits. Things like diesel engine cleans and A/C treatments are only needed on a rare occasion unless there is an issue. If your mechanic is not able to verbally justify the repair to you, you should be sceptical of what has been quoted to you.

Hopefully these tips and tricks help in finding a mechanic that you trust with your car. Most mechanics only want to look after you, but these simple tips may save a lot of money and heartache as a vehicle owner.

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