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What to Watch in the Apocalypse (Isolation)

In recent times, we’re seeing more and more stress put onto the people we care about, as well as a serious step towards people staying at home.

Because of this, we thought we would add some of our favourite Youtube channels to watch when we’re trying to relax, or even to just take our mind off of the challenging times around us.

While these suggestions might not be perfect for everyone, we think these are a great way to wind down after a long day in the apocalypse.

1. Clickspring – This channel follows the journey of Chris, a micro machinist/clockmaker as he builds clocks and other projects in his home workshop. His current series, while a little unusual, is to try to recreate an ancient version of a clock using only scans with period correct technology.

2. BaremetalHW – Another unusual but incredibly satisfying channel to watch is BaremetalHW. His (usually) weekly videos offer a relaxed voice to listen to and short but very crafty restorations of vintage Hot-Wheels and other miniatures.

3. Luke Towan (Boulder Creek Railroad) – We accidentally stumbled across Luke’s videos a few months ago whilst scrolling through YouTube. His videos, though a little long, are family friendly and incredibly satisfying. We verified this personally and it has now become a ritual at family mealtimes.

4. Lawrie’s Mechanical Marvels – This must be one of the quirkiest and unusual creators we’ve seen in recent times and we recommend his 'Lawrie Goes Loco’ series as great background noise. Imagine a uniquely British man in overalls whose videos are essentially used car reviews of small trains.

5. The Try Guys – These 4 ex-Buzzfeed creators are sure to make the whole family smile, with each of the Try Guys unique personalities lining up with a different family member. Though one of our favourite ongoing videos series is Keith Eats the Menu.

While these channels might not be your typical viewing material, if you’re in need of something quirky and relaxing to take you mind off of the current state of things, these are some of our favourites.

From all of us at Kashy, stay well.

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