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Why Do Mechanics Ask So Many Weird Questions?

Diagnosis is a topic that we’ve covered just a few times before and it's one of the main jobs our Kashy mechanics are called out for. Everything from non-starting to strange noises and giant coolant leaks, we’ve seen a lot of interesting situations.

It makes sense though, the most likely time for you to try a mobile mechanic is when you can’t get the car to your normal mechanic. But what does diagnosis have to do with this blog. And why do mechanics ask such strange questions every time you've got a problem??

If you haven’t noticed, people tend to have a very unique driving style. From the type of person who takes off from the lights at the same pace as a snail to the kind of person who’s only braking could classify an emergency. These all have a different effect on a car over its lifespan, especially when trying to diagnose an issue.

For example, if we’re looking into a vehicle that stopped while driving, knowing how long it's been since the last service and how hard the car was being driven can drastically change the first thing we choose to look into as well as the chances that real damage has been done.

Believe it or not, mechanics are actually have a lot in common with a doctor or a detective when diagnosing a vehicle.

Finding out the exact problem with a car (the culprit) means gathering as much evidence as possible and trying to give the correct answer every time we see an issue.

In the situation above, if the car was being driven quite hard and stopped, we might look at overheating as a suspect. This would mean that questions like ‘did the temperature light come on’ or ‘did the heater stop working’ would make it easier to track down a fault.

So next time mechanics ask you a strange sounding question about your car, just try to answer them as clearly as possible. It’ll save them time and might even save you money.


If you have any questions about this blog post, would like a second opinion from a mechanic or would like to find an honest mechanic in Brisbane, check out Kashy here.

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