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Gift Ideas For Car Enthusiasts

Much like our blog about gifts for mechanics last week, car enthusiasts are some of the most painful people to buy gifts for. Unfortunately for gift givers, this type of person usually doesn’t care for anything that isn’t car related and the bits they want for their car are somewhere between expensive and only reasonable on Elon Musk's budget.

With that said, here are a couple of options from cheap to "a-weekend-away" expensive to gift your favourite car junkie this year.

1. Hot Wheels – Look, we can happily admit that every car enthusiast we know is a big child inside and what do kids like more than Hot Wheels.

Though Hot Wheels might be easy, the real trick here isn’t getting any old Hot Wheels, find out what type of car they own and get them the matching mini-me to go with it. This might only cost $3 but it will almost certainly be better than any other gift they receive.

Bonus point’s also go for getting the car customised to match their car’s colour (there are people that do this) and for finding a little diorama to match their car too. This might make the total spend around $50 but it will make their day. (

2. Dasai Mochi (Car Companion) – As car enthusiasts, we couldn't tell you how excited we felt when we first found Mochi. He’s marked as a car companion, basically a little friend made from a screen who shows different little faces as you drive your car.

This again sounds like something that a only a child would like but it makes sense when you remember that car enthusiasts are just big kids. For $50 (including shipping) you could make your car enthusiast smile every time they get in the car.

3. Track Day Tickets – Stepping up a little in price compared to our last 2 gifts are track day tickets (or Supercar laps). These are a tried and tested gifts for enthusiasts and you just can’t go wrong with them.

4. Milwaukee ½ in Stubby Impact – If your car enthusiast is one of those grubby types who’s cars always broken down and likes to do stuff like change their own oil, a Milwaukee impact gun is the bit of kit that will make their day.

When we first saw these, we weren't really convinced that they were going to be up to scratch. However, most of the mechanics we know own at least one Milwaukee tool now and this little impact in particular never ceases to surprise us.

5. A Photo Shoot – If your car enthusiast really, truly loves their 4 wheeled companion, a photo shoot of their car will make them just about the happiest little cookie around town. Pre-purchase a photo shoot and add a poster or a canvas print for them to hang in their garage/home. It might be a little obnoxious but they’re sure to love it. No matter what you end up buying them this silly season, if you remember some simple things, they’re sure to love it. Their car is the best car in the world and they’re basically big kids.


If you have any questions about this blog post, would like a second opinion from a mechanic or would like to find an honest mechanic in Brisbane, check out Kashy here.

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