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Logbook Servicing Pt2: Warranty

Warranty is a big selling point of a new car but is often very misunderstood. While we can't speak for every car in every situation, we thought it would be helpful to share the answers to some common questions.

We've tried to keep our information as accurate as possible, but your car might be slightly different. Remember to check your warranty booklet just in case.

Will I only keep my warranty by going to the dealership?

This is one of the most common misconceptions about your warranty. As long as your vehicle is maintained to the service guidelines (logbook), your warranty should remain valid.

Is my warranty void if I use non-genuine parts?

Many aftermarket parts are of equal or better quality to genuine parts. That's why 4WD enthusiasts often choose to use aftermarket suspension. As long as you are using a high quality part (such as Ryco, Wesfil or Penrite) there is usually no reason to worry about your warranty. However, if it is still a concern most mechanics are happy to supply genuine parts at your request.

With that said, most mechanics will not fit parts that the customer supplies to ensure the quality of parts. Workshops will usually have a local supplier they work with to ensure they are looking after their customers as best they can.

Is there any reason using an independent mechanic would void my warranty?

While it's incredibly rare, there are a couple of reasons why using an independent mechanic may void your warranty.

1. If the vehicle manufacturer was able to prove that when your car was serviced the mechanic had not carried out the appropriate service with quality parts. This is incredibly uncommon and so long as you are using an independent mechanic you know and trust, this should never be an issue.

If you want to know some of the tricks to finding a good mechanic, try this blog post.

2. ​If your vehicle was sold with an extended warranty, you may be required to use a dealership for servicing. Though this is easy to find out by either contacting the dealership that sold your vehicle or by looking at your extended warranty paperwork.

Even though this doesn't cover every aspect of warranties, we hope this helps when looking after your car. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message and to see part 1, click this link.

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