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Kashy Gift Guide (for Mechanics, Car Enthusiasts and Car Owners)

Car people and mechanics are 2 notoriously hard groups to buy for. Everything they want is either way too expensive or so hard to find that you may as well be looking for unicorn poop. On top of that, you run a 50/50 chance of them buying the exact same thing for themselves anyway!

So what can you do for the special rev-head this holiday season? Our Kashy mechanics think we've got you covered with this all inclusive gift guide.

Picture of Little Tree air freshener made of Lego

1. Air Fresheners ($3-$20)

Air fresheners are a great gift for anyone, especially a car enthusiast. If they spend a lot of time in their vehicle chances are it may have a bit of a stench inside! This is a perfect gift for people with a small budget or to add as a stocking filler. You can never stock up on too many air fresheners

Where you can find them:

  1. Almost any Autoparts store (Repco, Supercheap, Burson).

  2. Service station (they may be a little more expensive from here)

  3. The Automotive section of Kmart (though they may not have a large range)

Armor-All car detailing kit

2. Wash and Detailing Kit ($25-$100)

A wash and detailing kit is great for someone who spends a lot of time trying to make their car look spotless (AKA: washes it so much the paint might rub off).

There are many different options when it comes to these kits, with something to suit every need and every budget. So, make sure you look around to find the perfect one for you and the person receiving it. Bonus points for buying a niche brand like Chemical Guys or Bowdens.

Where you can find them:

  1. Autoparts stores (Burson, Repco, Supercheap)

  2. Big W/K-Mart

  3. Amazon

Black canvas seat covers fitted to car seats

3. Seat and Steering Wheel Covers ($40-$600)

When trying to reduce the wear and tear on the interior of vehicles, almost nothing is as effective as a seat cover. This will keep the car looking nicer for longer and also helps with the resell value of the vehicle as the original seats will still be in good condition.

Once again, they come in large ranges to suit any style and any budget.

Where can you find them:

  1. Almost any Autoparts store (Supercheap, Burson, Repco)

  2. Direct from the manufacturers (Black Duck, Ilana)

Old and new car stereo/head unit side by side

4. Head Unit ($300-$1000)

Head unit upgrades are becoming hugely popular lately, with inclusions like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, GPS, Bluetooth and reversing cameras. Many vehicles on the road still don’t have these features from factory and a new head unit is the easiest way to improve the whole driving experience.

Where you can find them:

  1. Almost any Autoparts store though we recommend the team at Auto One Browns Plains

Snap On tools magnetic clip on nut holder

1. Nut Holder - Snap On YA207 ($9.20)

This might sound like a gag gift but we swear it's real and it has a purpose. If you've ever seen a video of a mechanic getting a nut onto a bolt in a really tight space, this is the tool for you (or your mechanic).

A magnetic clip that slides over a spanner and holds a nut in place to start it has got to be one of the simplest and neatest tools we've seen in years.

Where you can find them:

Snap On tools cordless impact gun with battery and soft bag

2. Snap On Gift Card ($50-$100)

Yes, you’re probably thinking the same as I am (non-mechanic here) they’re just an overpriced tool shop that cons simple mechanics into eternal payment plans. Like if Gucci and ZipPay had a baby.

Our mechanic friends, partners, siblings and parents think quite differently. So, what’s better than actual Snap On money for them!

Where you can find them:

Milwaukee tools under hood light attached to bonnet of vehicle

3. Under-Bonnet Light ($100-$300)

These are a great tool for anyone who works on cars, having a light shine right into the engine bay makes all the difference. They can also be used on gazebos, for camping and even as make shift lightsabers! We have a few of these laying around at home and we love them, they get used endlessly however, the best bang for the buck is the Milwaukee.

Where can you find them:

  1. Autoparts stores (Burson, Repco, Supercheap)

Meme of cat leaving work for vacation. Text says "hoy you leave work the day your vacation starts".

4. A Holiday/Getaway ($500+)

This one is pretty self-explanatory, mechanics work hard and in pretty rough conditions. It is hard on the body and a much-needed rest would always be appreciated by a mechanic. Not only is it a gift to someone else but you can always tag along too!


  1. Beach getaway for the weekend

  2. Overseas trip for the holidays

  3. A few relaxing days around home enjoying the little things

  4. Camping

Gifts For The Car Owners

Quad Lock car phone holder attached to windshield

1. Phone Holder ($20-$50)

A great gift who uses maps on their phones! There are many different options and price ranges to suit everyone!

Where you can find them:

  1. Autoparts stores (Supercheap mostly)

Dog sitting in rear seat car seat protector. The dog is happy

2. Dog Seat Protectors/Harnesses ($12-$200)

Do you know someone who loves taking their pets for drives or loves taking them out? Keeping pet hair off the seats and floors is a very hard task and a very time consuming clean up! There are special pet covers for seats and the back of wagons that you can buy, these protect the car from being scratched, hair and some are waterproof! You can also buy pet harnesses and buckles to click into the seatbelts. These are very handy as dogs should always be secured in the car.

Where you can find them:

Windshield wipers on windshield in wet weather

3. New Wiper Blades ($20-$100)

With all this rain around it’s very important to have wipers that actually do their job and don’t make that horrible squeak. These are a perfect gift for someone who you know hasn’t changed their wipers in a long time!

Where can you find them:

  1. Auto Parts Stores (Burson, Supercheap, Repco)

Generic gift card with Mastercard logo in lower left corner and green bow running vertically along left side

4. A Service Gift Voucher ($150-$300)

Ask their mechanic (or try our Kashy mechanics) if they do gift vouchers. Servicing is very important to keep your car healthy but one of those things that no one wants to spend money on!


If you have any questions about this blog post, would like a second opinion from a mechanic or would like to find an honest mechanic in Brisbane, check out Kashy here.

Alternatively, get all our updates through our Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.


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